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HI I'm CLAIRE. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer, weddings, children, families, animals, I love them all. I live in Nottingham but I LOVE to travel all over the UK. I love to use my passport too.

I live with my husband Ian and a black lab called Maya.

Here's a few things about me. I LOVE; the seaside, getting up before anyone else in the mornings, running outside (or down a corridor) like I'm a kid again when I think no one is looking. Teaching anyone who's willing how to dance like Tina Turner (she's got some great moves). I know all the lyrics to "Do the Bartman" (smash hits magazine as a lot to answer to this). Growing up in Yorkshire. I LOVE old movies ( you know the kind with that cheesy singing and dancing) old photographs, anything old actually and hearing that story to go with them. The smell of wood and those big curly wood shavings, The Stone Roses, Mum's Lemon meringue pie (even though she say's it not a patch on my Gran's but I love it!), amazing colours and light that all the different seasons create and textures. A Guinness with the boys at Christmas. I WILL run, the London marathon one day. I don't like gin.

I had the BEST wedding day ever. 11th September 2010. Family, close friends, 2 giant teepees, fairy lights and oooohh an an awesome glitterball, bouncy castles, laughter, moroccan lanterns, haribo sweets, sunflowers, log fires and ooohh, did I mention the teepees! I loved them! SUCH A GREAT PARTY!

My camera is like an extra limb to me, it's just always there with me whether its my work horse (D700), my iphone, my grandads old twin lens film camera or my 1954 Nikon F film camera that my dad gave me as my first SLR, my little lumix point and shoot, or my lomo camera with 4 lens and looks likes a childs! It's a running joke with Ian when we go on holiday about how many different cameras I have with me in my hand luggage, I can't help it, I just love to people watch and have a habit of noticing the world from different angles, and finding beauty in the small details

I make AMAZING images of people in a simple relaxed friendly manner but yet keeping in total control what needs to happen. Keeping things as informal as possible I just love capturing all the laughter, tears, love, that twinkle of emotion in peoples eyes, cheekiness of a toddler being just them, Grandad hugging his granddaughter with all the love in the world, or dad busting his dance moves on the dance floor while he thinks no one is watching, Some just too cute to mention. I'm only happy when I have captured as much about your wedding day or family as possible, so that when you look back you see and feel from the images all the emotions you feel about everyone close to you. I want to capture a true, honest reflection of your lives using natural light by preference.

I Love Photography, people...I'd Love to hear your stories. If you love what I do and are interested in a totally relaxed, fun and creative experience, please drop me an email, make friends on Facebook, or lets chat on the telephone.

Thanks for finding out a little bit about me......I'd love to find a little bit out about you, C x